Thursday 17 April 2014
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PT Sejahtera Mltra LEstari is headed by Mr. Budihardjo who has an experience in the chemical business for more than 15 years. He has a working experience of 3 years in the chemical production, and 10 years  in chemical marketing including marketing for regional areas, before establishing this company. 
Based on his expertise in rubber chemicals processing, he invented chemicals which apply to rubber and Tire process effectively and offer both quality and cost competitiveness especially in products such as Antitack for Rubber Compound (Notack series), Relesae Agent for Inside Part of Tire (IPRA Series), Relesae Agent for Outside Part of Tire (OPRA Series),  Protection Coating for White Side Wall Tire (Blue Paint), Dispersing and Flow Agent (High Flow), etc.
He has been catering to the rubber and tire industry in Indonesia for several years and the products have a proven record and are well accepted and recognized by leading companies. He continues to serve the local market from year 1994.
After completing 10years of experience with proven record in the local market, in April 2004, he planned expansion for marketing in other countries around the world.  At that time, TGI Import Export Co.,Ltd. headed by Mr. Bandhit had became his marketing arm and business partner to stretching this possibility to be actual action plan step by step.